Martes, Mayo 10, 2011

Welcome To Batanes Tours Online

Batanes Tours Online would like to welcome you to the Batanes Group of Islands with its Magnificient and Exotic, prestine and natural beauty. With the islands natural beauty and the most peaceful place in the whole Philippine archipelago, it is our commitment and vision to get our island visitors the best tours and packages and the inane hospitality of the Batanes people will certainly give a lifetime experience that will surely rank as one of your best travels. Thus the creation of Batanes Tours Online!

This website/blog is just in its very early stages of inception so bear with us for now.

In no time this blog will give our blog visitors all the information as well as guidelines on how to reach us and  or contact us so that you  can  arrange your travels and vacation tours in the islands of this great and Jewel of the Philippines!

Meanwhile you can check out this website at: Batanes Tours Packages

Thanks very much